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Where has the time gone?

Every new year I think, wow where has this year gone? The year went by so quickly. One day it is the 1st of January and the next thing you know it is December 31st. Before you know it, the whole year has flown by. We make resolutions (or goals) at the beginning of the year and will stick with them for a while but usually not the whole year. We always have good intentions but seem to fall off of our resolutions (or goals) about 1-2 months into the new year. I am guilty of this, and I think a lot of people are also.

Let’s make this year the best so far!

This year I have decided to hold myself accountable for my goals. One of my goals is to grow my online business to a successful business and to help others do the same. Another one of my goals is to drink more water. Yes, I know they are totally different goals, but each very important.

To accomplish each of these goals I have set a plan in motion. For my online business I will be documenting my progress every day by either blog, Facebook, Tik Tok, or Instagram. This is going to help me continue to grow and learn from my mistakes and successes. This will also help others as they can learn from my mistakes and successes.

As for drinking more water, I have a 42 oz cup that I will consume every day. The National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine recommends an average daily intake of about 125 oz for men and 91 oz for women. But as a general rule, you should drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

Let’s do this together!

I hope you will join me and follow my progress. Let’s do this together and we will successfully grow our online business and help others do the same. Let’s drink more water every day. We will be successful and well hydrated in 2024!


My goals: I will focus on working on my business every day! I will focus on helping others! I will be drinking more water! I will not let this year go by without fully enjoying every day!

How do you feel about this past year and what are you going to be focusing on this year? Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

Till next time,



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7 thoughts on “A New Year! Where has the time gone?”
  1. Sherri,

    I am also continually in shock about how fast the time can fly. That’s why it is so, so important to make space in our daily routines towards our goals, because if we don’t – we, before we know it another whole year has passed us by! Last year I read Atomic Habits by James Clear, and I’ve since been recommending it to everyone to help reframe and refocus our daily habits into something that will help make us successful to actually achieving what we want to do.

    I hope 2024 is your best year yet! Best of luck.

    1. Acasha, Thank you for your comment. I also read the book Atomic Habits. It is a great book. Yes to make space in our daily routines is so important. Here’s to a GREAT 2024!

  2. HI Sherri,
    Since I already told people what my mission is, I have no choice but to be accountable for achieve success with the affiliate program. I wish you success as well with online business. Let make 2024 our best year in finances and in health!

    – Albert

  3. Hi Sherri,
    My trainer never takes new customers in January or February: he doesn’t like people that suddenly starts training but a few weeks into the year, boom! they stop!
    I definitely can relate for the water intake! I didn’t drink enough water during the holidays, (replaced by liquids usually reserved to be taken in less quantities! LOL!) and, in all honesty, I felt dehydrated at times.
    Something to work on for the next holidays!
    All the best,

  4. Sherri, great to see you have focused goals for this year. Your business goals will in time give you the time back, to do what you want to do with it. Water, also is a good goal. We all need that. Wishing you great success in 2024. Thanks. Atif

  5. Hi Sherri, love your goals for 2024. They are clear and achievable, however, I would struggle with the last goal, ‘enjoying every day,’ though I do think it’s possible, I would need to work at it. So best of luck. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

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