Last week, I mentioned I’d be sharing about my motorcycle trip in the beautiful NC mountains. While there will definitely be a blog post about that adventure, something else came up this week that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Today, let’s dive into Affiliate Marketing and Technology.

As I write this I am getting ready to take my husband to the Apple store to fix his iPhone. His phone just stopped working late last night and we stayed up pretty late trying to revive it to no avail.

Now we did not need to call the police, we just wanted to use the phone. LOL

You may remember my husband is struggling with pulmonary fibrosis. He was diagnosed April 15h. His health has been steadily declining. He started with assisted oxygen while exerting himself such as walking. Well he has now moved to assisted oxygen all the time. Without the oxygen his O2 levels drop drastically. We have several appointments scheduled next week at Duke Medical center for hopeful approval for a lung transplant. How did we get here? What caused this disease? I would like to know but the truth is that nobody knows what causes pulmonary fibrosis. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

With all that being said, my husband needs his phone to be able to work from home. So it was imperative that we get the problem fixed.

Back to the phone fiasco—yes, it really was a fiasco! We went to, and the website asked for an iCloud password. And wouldn’t you know it, my husband couldn’t remember it. I get it, he set it up three years ago and has had it auto-populate ever since. By the way, I DO NOT recommend auto-populating anything, especially credit cards. But that’s a topic for another blog!

When you choose auto-populate, you tend to forget the password, which is exactly what happened here. So, the iCloud website recommended we go to the Apple Store. Now, keep in mind, this store is 45 minutes away. Why aren’t there more Apple Stores? I mean, there are five Old Navy’s within this 45-minute drive!

So, we drive to the mall where the store is located. I drop my husband off at the door to save him from walking any distance. He goes into the Apple Store, and wouldn’t you know it, they can’t help him without the Apple password. SAY WHAT?

We explained to the very nice lady at the Apple Store that we were there because we didn’t know the password. As nice as she was, we were pretty frustrated when she told us she couldn’t help without the password. She recommended we contact Apple Support. So, we got back in the car and drove 45 minutes back home.

We get home and use my iPhone to call Apple support. Another very nice lady really did try to help us but informed us she could not help. We would have to request a new password reset.

Now get this….. This password reset could take up to 3 DAYS. SAY WHAT?

If you are like the other 4.8 billion+ cell phone users (That statistic was found at website. Smartphone Usage Satistics for 2024), then you know that even 3 days without your phone can seem like an eternity.


We are currently sitting at iPhone11 – no phone.

It seems we’ve gotten so attached to our phones these days. They hold everything for us—our contact lists, files, date planners, calculators, and, of course, all the apps we download. From Facebook and Kajabi to banking apps, Kindle, calendars, and games, our phones do it all. I could probably list 50 more apps currently on my phone! We hardly need paper anymore since we can just pull out our phones and save everything there.

So, what does all this have to do with Affiliate Marketing and Technology? Well, Affiliate Marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Just like we had to wait to set a new password for the iPhone, building your audience and starting to make any income takes time. It will definitely take longer than 3 days, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.

We live in a world where we crave instant gratification. It works great for buying that outfit you want or enjoying dessert after dinner, but not for Affiliate Marketing. Don’t believe those gurus who promise you’ll get rich with “3 clicks of a button.” If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, your Affiliate Marketing business can be successful.

Just like we had to wait for the iPhone password to be reset, you’ll need to be patient with your Affiliate Marketing business. Dedication and perseverance take time to show results, but it’s all part of the journey.

Just like waiting for the iPhone to be fixed is worth it when everything’s back to normal, sticking with Affiliate Marketing pays off too. If you stay dedicated and don’t get discouraged, success will come. Keep posting on your blog and your primary platform—whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube—and you’ll see progress over time.

Hey, have you ever lost your phone or had to go without it for a few days? How did you cope? Did it drive you crazy? Share your story in the comments below—I’d love to hear how you handled it!

Till next time


Tune in next week to hear about my motorcycle trip. Believe me you don’t want to miss it.

You can read my previous blog here.

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15 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing and Technology”
  1. Hi Sherri,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! Your analogy with waiting to reset the iPhone password was great. Just like in affiliate marketing, patience and persistence are key. It’s refreshing to see someone emphasizing the value of effort and dedication over quick fixes.

    As for losing my phone, I remember a time when I left it at home by accident during a weekend getaway. Initially, it felt strange not having it constantly buzzing with notifications, but it turned out to be a blessing. My kids and I spent more quality time together. It reminded me that sometimes, unplugging is necessary to reconnect with what’s truly important.

    Looking forward to your next insights, Sherri! Keep up the great work with your affiliate marketing journey.


  2. I haven’t been without my phone for, well I can’t remember when. Not that I ever call anyone, and I don’t want them to call, but I do so much on my computer that happens to have a phone app on it, I’d be pretty irritated to not have it with me.

  3. Sherri, your hubby is in my thoughts and prayers.

    I can relate the heart stop when technology doesn’t co-operate.

    From experience I know that if my phone is no longer taking a charge that it is time to take it in for a deep clean. The local London Drugs comes in handy for that.

    1. Robert,
      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are very much appreciated. I will keep that deep clean in mind when my phone does that. Because let’s face it, it will eventually happen.

  4. Hi Sherri,
    I’m one of the “old ones” I guess because, I’ve got an old Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo! and it’s primary use? emergency calls. On the rare occasions, very intermittent calls and I have to say usage of WhatsApp to speak with my dad.
    I’ve had to work with Blackberry phones when in the Army and I told myself that I’d never get used or hooked on to these bloody things.
    These days, its unfortunate to see so many people stuck with their nose in their phones, not paying attention to the car in front of them – or the post coming up!
    Sorry to hear about your husbands medical situation. Sending a big Canadian hug your way & keeping him in our thoughts for sure.

  5. Sherri, Great post about patience! I had an instance where I was going out of town and I laid my phone on the kitchen table while I loaded the car. This was an unusual pattern as my wife was rushing me to get going. So I got the car all loaded up and headed off to the airport. When I got to the check-in counter I went to give the attendant my phone with my eticket on it only to find I left my phone back on the kitchen table. Fortunately my wife had hers so we weren’t completely out of touch, but it did drive me crazy!

    1. Ken,
      Thank you for your comment. Wow, you certainly did have patience if you went a full vacation without your phone. Good thing you had your wife’s phone as I am sure that lessened the stress of not having yours.

  6. So sorry to hear about your husband. My thoughts are with you and him.
    I cannot believe it takes three days to get a password reset. And what a pain for you having to go all that way for nothing. How frustrating! However it was a great segue into affiliate marketing. I do hope it all works out for you soon.

    1. Andy,
      Thank you for your comment. What a crazy idea that in this day and age it would take 3 days to reset a phone password. I still have a hard time with that concept. But thank goodness it finally worked out.

  7. Great post, Sherri! I really appreciate how you tied the frustration of dealing with the iPhone to the patience needed in affiliate marketing. Your story is a perfect reminder that success doesn’t come overnight but requires perseverance and dedication. Sending positive thoughts for your husband’s health and hope the phone gets sorted out soon! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks, Atif

    1. Atif,
      Thank you for your comment. This phone fiasco certainly did require patience. Yes, much like any business’ success. If we keep at it, success will happen.

  8. Sherri, One of the most peaceful days I have had was when I forgot my phone at the house and I didn’t have time to turn around and get it… Funny thing is… One of the most stressful times I have had is when I got back to my phone and had to deal with all the calls I missed… 🤪 I have a dependency problem… I use my phone for the Machine Shop, The Locksmith Business and the Affiliate Marketing business, I would be lost without it! Patience is learned through trials and Affiliate Marketing teaches Patience… is it worth it? DEFINITELY!!!
    Prayers for your Family!!!

    1. David,
      Thank you for your comment. It was certainly a trying time for my husband without his phone. I lent him my phone while I was working so he was able to connect. It took 4 days, but he finally was able to get into his phone, thankfully.

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