Hello my faithful friends. This past week has certainly thrown me for a loop. I was unable to complete my blog last week and I would like to offer apologies for that.

Life can be like that sometimes.


This can hinder your progress forward. But we must not let that stop us for too long. It is ok to take a break for a while, just not too long of a while.

It is now time for me to move forward. Time to continue my progress, as I know that by continuing to move forward with the steps needed in my business I will continue to move forward towards success.

ONE of the best aspects about Affiliate marketing is that it can be done as you want. You may work vigorously on your business or at a more slower pace. But it is imperative to keep the pace going, no matter which you pace choose.

This is not the first time I have been sidelined by life matters, and I am sure it will not be the last time. I do know that I will continue my progress when faced with a sideline or roadblock as many times as I need to be successful.

You can read my previous post here regarding a similar  matter.

With that being said I would now like to talk about Blog Hopping.

Blog Hopping

What is it and how can it benefit your business.

Bog Hopping is all about spending time to visit other bloggers, but it’s not just that: it’s discovering new blogs, commenting on blog posts from them you enjoyed reading, starting a conversation with someone new or someone you already knew before and just, overall, sharing the love.

Every week as I continue blog hopping within my niche, I have learned so much from others.  I am part of a community, Affiliate System, where others are blogging their journey and documenting what they are learning and as a result,  learn from them. Hopefully with your blog post someone will learn from you.  This community is not “I am not going to share what I know”, but “Let me share what I know so you may benefit from it”. I love this about the Affiliate System Community as I have never felt alone in my journey.

It is like you get training/suggestions, ideas that work for others and may work for you within your niche from your peers.

I will also be continuing to create content on my primary and secondary platforms. This is where I will hopefully guide my audience to my blog so that they can further get to know, like and trust me through my content.

The goal of primary and secondary platform content creation is to get people to discover and consume our content so that they get to know we exist first and then maybe relate to what we are talking about, and hope some of those people will continue to follow us and consume more of our content. In time they will gain trust in listening to us, and this will help grow our audience. We will then lead our audience to our owned asset, aka our blog and to get them on our email list and make valuable offers.

As I continue to post on my primary and secondary platforms I am struggling to get out of the 200 view jail. If you have any suggestions for me I would appreciate your input.

Here is one of my videos for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think.


Keep moving at your own pace on your business towards success. Just keep moving. Do not stop.

Keep posting on your primary and secondary platforms.

Continue blog hopping so you may learn from others in your niche.

Till next time.


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13 thoughts on “Blog Hopping”
  1. Hi Sherri – Taking a break when needed can be as important as working hard. I recently took one and realized I needed it more than I thought. I am also a “Blog Hopper.” I learn so much from others (you included). I appreciate your videos and heartfelt advice. Take care and have a great week!

  2. Hi Sherri! I agree with Ernie. Breaks can be so helpful. Time off helps the mind process, I think. You come back to work more energized, focused, and ready to go with a refreshed point of view.
    I’m glad you’re back 🙂
    I watched your video. Your background is great—interesting but not distracting. You seemed to get more comfortable as you went along, especially at the end, when you began to speak at a more natural pace. Keep that up! You’re making so much progress, even in the same video. I look forward to seeing more of them.
    Cheers to you!

  3. Hi Sherri,
    Life happens and there’s nothing we can do about it! Sometimes we have to take a breath, and if that means missing a weeks blog post then so be it. That’s what’s great about this business, as you said, we can move at our own pace as long as we keep moving. Don’t worry about getting out of the 200 jail with your social media. You will get out of it I’m sure. I wish I had some advice for you on that, but I haven’t gotten started on my own yet. Thanks!

  4. One of the beauties about affiliate marketing and this journey is that it is a fact that we are gonna make mistakes along the way. We need to skip a day of social media or a week of blog posting; it’s just a part of life… Sometimes, you just need a sick day or a day just to have fun and celebrate all the hard work you put it. Often, we focus on what we don’t do instead of what we accomplished because the small steps don’t seem significant, but it’s these small steps taken consistently that really add up. So, like you say above, and this is great advice, JUST KEEP GOING!

  5. I love that feeling you get when you’ve just completed your blog. I call it post-blog euphoria. And then begins the fun bit – blog-hopping! I just wish I could blog-hop a bit quicker! It is so important and it feels great to receive comments and support from our fellow bloggers. We all have times when life gets in the way and we’re forced to take a blogation (oops, did I just make up a word). But as long as we start again it doesn’t matter.
    I am also a member of the 200 club in tiktok (woefully less on FB). One thing I have noticed on other videos is the gap between sentences. I gather that short, quick-fire bursts of words are the go. So editing out the gaps might be one thing you could do. What I do like is the way you come across as being you.

  6. I know we can relate to your situation as we move forward then take a few steps back, too. Blog hopping is what I love every Saturday! And Sunday! In between making you tube videos, of course!

  7. Hey Sherri, this weekend it’s mother’s day and I had to make a roadtrip to visit my mother’s in Quebec City. So I can’t post a blog this weekend. Like you said, this happens and doesn’t mean we let go. During this break while driving on the road, I’m gathering new ideas for my business. I have also some time to do blog hopping, what I’m doing now. Regarding blog hopping, you got the point here, we take benefits from each other post and this is what’s build the fun of it.😊

  8. Resting is just as important. When you need it, you need it, but that is a huge positive about affiliate marketing.
    I really enjoy blog hopping, I learn so much from everyone and gives me the chance to bookmark some blogs allowing me to refer back to them when needed! Thank you for sharing lots of good advice and tips!

  9. Hi Sherri,
    Like many here have said, taking a break is sometimes not only necessary but needed.
    Breaks give us the chance to replenish ourselves, fill-up the battery and give us a little “humpf” to get the drive going.
    Take the time you need and go at your own pace, another great advice you mention.
    BTW, I’d also add what your primary and secondary platforms are – that answers a few small questions as to what they are 🙂

  10. hi Sherry,
    I agree with the other comments that taking breaks is essential but I also wanted to mention that recently I could not post.

    Since then I have learned from others that I would now post regardless even if I post to explain why I cannot post fully.

    Of course, if I can’t, I can’t, but if in any way I can then I will post a few lines.

    This way I feel I keep my promise and commitment to post at least once a week

    I also enjoy blog hopping because as you say, we are sharing, and getting ideas along with suggestions so it’s a learning experience.

  11. I liked your video – good content, good delivery. I like the captions you used, it’s a nice touch that draws attention to what you’re saying – if someone was scrolling by I think that would help catch their eye. The only thing I’d say is you could tighten up your edits, I can see you start and stop your camera between points, those split seconds can be cut, and it will make it flow better – it may not seem like much, but each of those moments is a moment for a viewer to get distracted. Then I’d say, if you’re getting around 200 organic views per video that’s not bad at all – as you’re audience grows your views will grow, but that may takes some amplification through paid ads on the videos, and retarget to people who watch a video more than 15 seconds. It’s really hard on facebook or youtube to get thousands of organic views without already having a large audience – just keep working on finding hooks at the beginning that grab attention.

  12. Sherri, life does have a way of throwing us off track sometimes. It’s great to see your determination to keep moving forward with your business. Blog hopping is a fantastic way to connect and learn from others. Your approach to content creation and building trust is inspiring. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your journey! Atif

  13. Hi SHerri,
    Great post on blog hopping!
    It’s amazing how much you ca learn from regularly reading other blogs.
    I hope you’re doing better with those things in life that pop up and can be challenging.
    Wish you all the best!

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