It is the end of the year, and I am hearing a lot of New Year Resolutions. Everyone wants to know, what is your New Year resolution? For the longest time I would set my resolutions on what I wanted to accomplish with myself in mind. However, the past 10 years or so I have changed my thinking. I set goals for the new year.

The other day I had a coaching call with my mentor, Dean Holland and I had the privilege to hear from Dean’s mentor Alex Jeffries. One bit of knowledge (from many) that I took from the call is that you should do something, or have a goal that will benefit someone else, not yourself. This is the greatest gift you can give someone.

I currently coach CrossFit classes at a gym and a lot of my new students that start in the beginning of the year come in and say, “I am doing this to get healthy.” “I am starting to work out so I can lose weight”. I like to ask them, yes, but who else can benefit from your health? Your health can benefit your children, grandchildren, family as they will enjoy your company longer as you will hopefully stay on this earth longer and be able to play with your children and/or grandchildren. Pick them up, roll on the ground with them.

Now some of my students that start the gym the first of the year, they will start to fall off and not come as often in about 1-2 months. They lose sight of their goal.

As I start my journey towards an online business, I ask myself the questions, “Who am I doing this for? Who will benefit?”. “What is my goal?”

I do not have a New Year Resolution but more of a goal for the year 2024. My goal will be to continue consistently posting my blog so you may follow along and hopefully learn from me.

As I continue to document my progress, my goal is that you who are reading this will benefit from my successes and failures. That you will not have to make the same mistakes I have made. That you will find success in your business.

What is your goal for 2024? Please leave a comment as I would love to hear from you.

Till next time,


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14 thoughts on “Do You Make New Year Resolutions?”
  1. Hi Sherri,
    Definitely a lot of wisdom on those words! I’ve changed my “resolutions” to goals and it’s helped me achieve many of them.
    One you mention is getting into shape; I started training with a trainer in a semi-private context, (max 6 people at a time) and it has made a difference. It’s great to know that getting in shape is fantastic for the body but definitely great for the mind as well!
    All the best for 2024!

  2. Hi Sherri, I was never a big New Year resolution person. I always felt that most people make resolutions but never stick to them. Making goals like getting those 6 pack abs (lol) are usually goals that one never receives. I like to now make really small obtainable goals, like working out 30 minutes a day. I find that setting small goals and assigning them deadlines, helps me accomplish big things! Wish you all the best in 2024!!!

  3. Sherri,

    I have never been a big fan of New Years resolutions. However, I like New Years because it is a good time to put the year behind and start a fresh. It doesn’t matter what one did or did not due, it can be all put behind and start new. I don’t know about you but for me that is a great feeling.
    As far as doing things for others my motto is serve others better than my self. My goal is always to be that of a servant. For along time I lived money and things first but have learned through trials and struggles that it always better to put others first.

    Have a great New Year.

    1. Sherri, I have to admit that I’m not one to make resolutions for a new year, however, since I have been in the Internet Profits program, my mindset has changed. I have always enjoyed helping others when I can, even if was just holding the door open for someone. Now, I notice more areas where I can go far beyond where I have been able to go any time before. May 2024 be an Amazing year for us all !

    2. Hi Sherri,
      I too have made and failed at new years resolutions. I like the thought of making goals in stead of resolutions. My goal for 2024 is to pursue this adventure into affiliate marketing.

  4. Hi Sherri, maybe I should join your fitness class as the time I spend with my grandchildren leaves me exhausted, and aching all over! But they are certainly one of the reasons I took to internet marketing.

    I love that you are hoping that your experiences can help others and look forward to following along.

    All the best

  5. I think sometimes long term goals are not reached because of procrastination so for myself I like to set short term goals that grow over the long term . Looking forward to your next blog.

  6. There is a saying that people tend to overestimate what they can achieve in one year but underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.

    So I think sometimes having a new year resolution can be counterproductive without a longer term goal like what you want to achieve in 10 years.

    Maybe it is a good time to set “New Decade Resolution”.

  7. Hi Sherri
    A great post and a strong reminder for us all that our success will come once we begin to stop worrying out our success and starting to focus on how we can serve others. I am looking forward to following your story

  8. Yes Sherri,
    I learn a lot from you. Thank you.
    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.
    I have some long-term goals. But never thought about how they will benefit others. Good point. Now will think more about that.
    For 2024 my goal is to replace my salary with an online income.
    The second goal is to start every day with the most important income-generating activities.
    Looking forward to learning more from you in 2024!

  9. Hi Sherri,
    Love your post! I don’t make resolutions but do take time to set goals for the year. My goal for 2024 and my business is to be financially independent so my wife can not have to worry about finances as she deals with some chronic health issues. I also deal with some chronic health issues so I’m included in that goal but focus on her as I do everything I can for her. Look forward to learning from your future posts! All the best in 2024!

    1. Denny, thank you for the comment. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you are growing your business for your wife (and yourself also). But the fact that you mentioned her 1st shows me you are a true gentleman. Selflessness is our greatest gift we can give.

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