My Journey: Where I Began

Around 13 months ago, I set out on a quest to explore ways of making money online. Despite trying various options, I unfortunately didn’t find success and ended up losing a significant amount of money.

Where I Am Now

That’s when I made a decision to invest in myself and seek guidance from a mentor, and I found that mentor in Dean Holland. I am truly impressed with Dean’s coaching, and I can’t wait to share the valuable lessons I learn with others.

Here comes the Rut.

Recently, I’ve been consistently posting on my blog twice a week and have not had any problem with creating content. However, this week, I hit a bit of a rut. I started three different blog posts, but none of them felt quite right. It seemed I would start strong and then the post would just fizzle out. Hmmm… What to do?

Facing the Challenge: Get Out of The Rut.

Questions popped up in my mind – do my fingers not work? Do I have writer’s block? Where are my thoughts? Instead of dwelling on the struggle, I’ve decided to blog about whatever comes to mind. Getting stuck is normal, and it shouldn’t hinder us from completing our tasks. Taking any step, even a small one, is better than doing nothing. Sometimes, completing just one task can be the little push we need to break free from the rut. Here’s my completed task, and I’m determined not to stay here; I’m moving forward. I will Get Out of the Rut.

Here is a great article about how to get out of a rut. I found it helpful, and I hope you will also.

If you have ever been in a rut, comment below and let me know what you did to get out of it. I would love to hear from you.

Till next time.


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8 thoughts on “Get Out of The Rut!”
  1. What a great idea! You had trouble moving forward and googled how to get out of a rut.

    I’ve stumbled upon the idea of taking a break, also. It’s helpful to step outside and just watch the wind blow and the sun shine. Then, I’m magically more focused and productive when I get back at whatever I’m working on.

    As a teacher, I would tell my students their brains have to digest information. So study, but take regular breaks to let your mind ruminate while you do something else. Then come back to your studies.

    It seems that’s true of working an online business as well!

    Way to go, being solution-oriented when you got stuck!

  2. All I’ve ever done is weld ,mechanic ,and ranch work so this whole thing is new to me. I guess you can say Ilive in a rut haha. Thankfully I found this program with Dean Holland at the helm and a great community so the rut is not so deep.

  3. Sherri,
    We all experience the rut from time to time. The key is to get up, clear the mind and start moving. It is easier to get out of a rut if you are in motion. It is said it’s easier to steer a car in motion than one that is parked.
    I commend you for turning your rut into a productive blog post.

  4. Hi Sherri,
    I believe we’ve all been trapped in a zone where we think there’s no way out, and that’s normal. The important thing is to stay focused, knowing that we’ll have ups and downs, and it’s part of the process. I wish you the best and look forward to reading your next post.

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