This is my New line in the sand!

A little history: I started looking for ways to make money online Feb 2023. There were many online offers that promoted riches if i would just sign up and give them my money. I did this four times, yes four! Unfortunately I lost the money and I did not make the riches I was promised.

Then I found Dean Holland and the book Iceberg Effect. I bought the book, read it and was just blown away. I highly recommend it. You can get the book here, just pay S&H of $7.95.  You will learn so much.

Before I read The Iceberg Effect, I had never been shown the Four Core Areas of Affiliate Marketing. This book was so powerful that I made the best decision I have made in the last year and acquired Dean Holland as my mentor.

I joined his program Internet Profits and started learning all about affiliate marketing with a passion.

Then Dean offered an accelerated program with the software Affiliate Systems. Wow what a game changer! Since I started with Affiliate Systems I have accomplished so much.

I have created my owned asset, my blog.

I have created several list building funnels. If you have ever had to do this you know it can be overwhelming. Not with Affiliate System.

I have chosen my primary and secondary platforms to capture traffic.

I have learned how to create a LinkTree.

Currently I am learning how to follow-up with my audience through emails.

So much has been learned, I can’t wait to share with others. I want to share all the knowledge I have gained.  Affiliate Marketing does not have to be hard to learn if you have the right mentor.

On a recent weekly call with Dean he mentioned something that really resonated with me. I had an “Ah-ha” moment, an epiphany you may say.

Dean said “A lot of people do not succeed in affiliate marketing until is is imperative that you succeed. You will not be successful with affiliate marketing until you have no choice but to succeed”. This was a powerful statement for me.

You see I have been working with Dean for 4 months and learning all I can, however I wanted to succeed but it was just that, a want.

I recently received some not so good news and I am now at the stage that “I Must Succeed”.

One of the things you must ask yourself with starting any business is what is your why? Why are you wanting an online business? Is is to make extra income, or is to help others? My why is a little of both as I feel if I can share what I am learning to help others and if I make money doing it, well that is a Win, Win!

I am now drawing my New line in the Sand!

Even though I knew my why before, my life recently changed and now I have a new why.

With this new why, I have to succeed.

I have placed  a huge note on my wall

I will succeed.

I must make this happen.

I would like to ask you, what is your why? Has your why changed from when you started your business? It is ok if it has, as sometimes life shows you what you must do.

Now is the time to take charge of your financial future. Do not wait. If you are considering affiliate marketing please follow my journey and allow me to help you succeed as I would love nothing more than to help you succeed.

I just want to say that your life can change in an instant. Tell your friends and family you love them and tell them often.

Till next time


You can read my previous post here.

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18 thoughts on “New Line in the Sand”
  1. Hi, Sherri!
    We’re in about the same boat! I started with affiliate marketing in Jan 2023.
    Initially, my motivation for affiliate marketing was purely financial. I was seeking stability. But something changed along the way.
    In May, we lost my mother-in-law, who I was really close to. My family was by each other’s sides nonstop for some time. I realized I needed more of that time, not just when things were sad but when we could have good times. There’s not enough of that in the good times! We’re all so busy.
    So, my goal is to quit my day job and help my husband get to the point where he can quit his day job. His dad really should retire. My parents could use some help maintaining their land.
    We’re going to soak up family time. And that can’t start soon enough 🙂

  2. Sherri, Your journey into affiliate marketing is truly inspiring. It’s amazing how you’ve turned setbacks into opportunities for growth and learning. Finding the right mentor and resources, like Dean Holland’s book and program, has been a game-changer for you. Your determination to succeed and your new “why” are powerful motivators that will surely lead you to success. Keep pushing forward and sharing your journey – you’re making a difference! Thanks, Atif

  3. I’m not seeing the link for the book – you should be able to put it right into the text ” You can get your copy here.” so that people can click on that and it will take them to the book offer. Then it would be good to have another link at the end that says something like “Click Here to get Dean’s book”.

    Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see it.

      1. Hi Sherri,
        I’m sorry you got some recent bad news. I can relate to your post today though. I got some recent bad news myself about a month ago that changed my “why” as well. I’m always happy to be able to help people when I can. It always has been my nature to do so. That is one of my “whys,” but the news I got last month has changed that more. I have to make things move in my business fast, if possible, to be able to start making money in it. The pressure is real, but it is always possible… You hang in there and things will start to happen for you. The options are to NEVER give up, and to only move FORWARD! You got this! 😊

        1. Meredith.
          I appreciate your comment as I also need to make things move in my business fast. You can say I have a new “push” to succeed. I will continue to move forward.

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I never read the iceberg effect, however, I did see a presentation about the book by Dean along the way. The whole idea that the tip of the iceberg does not reveal the full extent and potential of what lies below, is a perfect metaphor.

  5. Since Joining Dean Holland’s Internet Profits group, I can see how you have learned so much. WOW! I like your new line in the sand. It suits you as well! Your “why” can be modified and adjusted as needed and it takes courage to do so in a productive and positive manner. Good for you! I look forward to watching your success. Have a great week!

  6. Sherri, It’s inspiring to see how dedicated you are to this process. I think that along puts you on the path to success! I can appreciate that you experienced several other training methods before finding the one that was right for you. I think that only allows you to appreciate your mentor even more!

    1. Lauren,
      Thanks for your comment. I am so glad I found Dean and his guidance. Yes all the other ones I tried and failed at has made me appreciate Dean and this process.

  7. Hi Sherri,
    You’re absolutely right. One of the first things we need to have crystal clear when we embark on building a business, especially in affiliate marketing, is our “why,” our reason. It’s what propels us to strive for more because that will be the driving force that keeps us going, even when we don’t see progress or results, even when those around us disagree with us, or when we invest without immediate returns. I appreciate you sharing this post that reminds us that the struggle is tough but necessary.

    1. Ezequiel,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes our why is what propels us to strive for more. Sometimes our why changes, as mine did recently. I will continue to push forward as success is in my future. I can just feel it.

  8. I love your latest post. I too realized I needed to focus after Dean’s comment regarding your “Ah ha” moment. I draw inspiration from your desire to refocus, not that you have a choice now, and draw a new line in the sand. I wish you all the best going forward, and from your Blog, I am sure you will achieve the success you seek.

  9. I envy you for finding Dean so quickly. I have been spending money on products and programs for more years than I can admit to. I have gone into debt while showing nothing for my efforts. I am grateful for Dean and Internet Profits and that I found him at all at this stage of my life. I’m sorry that your life’s circumstances have shifted and your “why” has had to become more prominent for success, but sometimes, in desperation, we can make our most strides. I look forward to following your progress and always enjoy reading your blog posts.

    1. Vanessa,
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad I found Dean also, however like you I did go into debt while searching for the right fit for me. Yes my why has shifted but that has given me more determination to succeed!

  10. Hi Sherri,
    Yes, Dean’s book is the thing that got me hooked into affiliate marketing as well. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us. I know you will succeed especially with the determination that you clearly show in your writing.

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