Rear-View Mirror. What is it and what does it have to do with Affiliate Marketing?

A rear-view mirror is a, usually flat, mirror in automobiles and other vehicles, designed to allow the driver to see rearward through the vehicle’s rear window. In other words is allows you to watch and observe what is behind you.

Elmer Berger is usually credited with inventing the rear-view mirror, though in fact he was the first to patent it (1921) and develop it for incorporation into production street going automobiles by his Berger and Company. (Wikipedia).

In Affiliate Marketing, we set our sights on the future! What is your dream for tomorrow? Maybe it’s more quality time with loved ones, or perhaps it’s boosting your income for those dream vacations or a comfy retirement. Whatever it is, we’re diving into the world of Affiliate Marketing to add some extra sparkle to our future, in one way or another.

But do not forget that what’s behind us is just as crucial. It has shaped our journey to where we are today. If you’re anything like me, then maybe you’ve taken a shot at starting an online business several times. And maybe like me you did not have much luck. Please remember that past experiences, both successes, and failures, have all played a part in bringing us to where we are today. They’re the stepping stones to our current path.


Take a peek in our rear-view mirror and soak in the lessons from where we’ve been. It’s all about embracing our experiences and gaining wisdom from both our wins and our failures. Now is the time to turn those past moments into valuable insights for the road ahead!

Think of the rear-view mirror like a quick glance at where we’ve been, not a long, intense stare. Just like when you’re driving a car – if you keep staring in the rear-view mirror, you’ll end up in a crash! The same applies to our Affiliate business. It’s okay to take a peek at our past, but not get stuck there. Instead,  keep your eyes on the road ahead and keep moving forward, one step at a time!

In conclusion, remember to take a quick peek in our rearview mirror to appreciate how far we’ve come. Then,  turn your gaze forward and get excited about the adventures Affiliate marketing has in store for us! Here’s to embracing the journey ahead!

Till next time.


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9 thoughts on “Rear-View Mirror.”
  1. Hi, Sherri!
    I appreciate this post!
    Our past is important; it shapes our future.
    I like the idea of keeping it in the rearview mirror while I drive forward.
    That’s a helpful image!
    Thank you for that!

  2. Sherri,
    Simple yet true! What is behind us is what has made us who we are today. We need to glance in the Rearview Mirror to remind us of the progress we have made. We must be careful not to get fixed on what is behind us, as that could stall our progress to our destination. I believe thats the reason our front window is so much larger than our rearview window… 😁 Here’s to the Journey in Front of us!

  3. This is such a good reminder! We often look to the future, as we should, but forget what made us who we are today. Experience only build wisdom and experiences are gained on what we have done or accomplished before now. Good stuff and thanks for the reminder!

  4. Sherri, Thank you for this insightful analogy between the rear-view mirror in automobiles and our journey in affiliate marketing. Reflecting on our past experiences, both successes and failures, is indeed essential for growth and learning. It’s a reminder to acknowledge the lessons learned from where we’ve been while maintaining our focus on the road ahead. Just as in driving, a quick glance at the past helps us appreciate our progress, but dwelling on it too long can hinder our journey forward. Let’s harness the wisdom gained from our rear-view mirror moments to propel us toward the bright future we envision in affiliate marketing. Here’s to embracing the journey ahead with optimism and determination! thanks, Atif

  5. Sherri,

    Absolutely! The rear-view mirror in Affiliate Marketing serves as a metaphorical reflection of our journey. Just as a driver glances behind while focusing on the road ahead, we must acknowledge our past experiences—both triumphs and setbacks. These experiences shape our present decisions and future aspirations. However, dwelling too long in the rear-view mirror can hinder progress. Let’s glean wisdom from the past, appreciate how far we’ve come, and eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead on our Affiliate Marketing journey.

    Here’s to embracing the road ahead with enthusiasm and determination!

  6. Hi Sherri,
    Thank you for your post. I believe it is important to look at our past for a few different reasons.

    First, to look at then and now to see how much we have accomplished since then.

    Second, to look back and think of some of the mistakes we made in the process and correct them. We all have to live and learn!

    Then the other thing is to not dwell on what we think we should have done differently. Just learn and move on.

    Reflection on yourself is always good. Great post and thank you!

  7. Hi Sherry,
    I do appreciate this short story of the Rear-View Mirror!

    Yes, although we need to move on, it is important to also remember where we’ve been.

  8. Hi Sherri,
    Great post! Your perspective of the rear view mirror is very important. Especially understanding it’s to look back for a short time and learn from where we’ve come and not stare so long we are hindered by our past and crash. Thank for sharing, it’s very insightful 🙂

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