YouTube and Videos!

This past week I have been focusing my training on traffic.  The four core areas of Affiliate Marketing are:

  1. Traffic.
  2. Capture.
  3. Follow-up
  4. Make Offers

It all starts with Traffic. The question is, how do we acquire traffic?

When I kicked off my journey with Affiliate Marketing, I made a crucial choice to team up with a mentor, and boy, am I glad I did! Dean Holland, my mentor, has been an absolute game-changer. His guidance on traffic acquisition has been nothing short of phenomenal. Starting from scratch with my “owned asset” – my blog, I’ve now ventured into the world of social media posting to capture even more traffic. Thanks to Dean, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the significance of traffic and how to leverage it effectively. It’s been an incredible learning experience!

I learned you first must decide which social media platform you will be using to acquire traffic. We live in a Social Media world right now. Everything is online. When you are looking for something online, whether is a recipe or how to make money online, what do you do? You go to your computer or phone and turn to the internet and usually a social media platform.

If you want to be successful in your online business then you must adapt. You must get out in the social media world and you must get comfortable with making videos. You must be ready to capture your audience. Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

There are several social medial platforms to chose from when deciding on content sharing. I decided my primary platform will be YouTube and my secondary platform will be TikTok.

I starting making videos with a fire under me. I have created 20 videos so far, some I like and some I do not. After I created these videos I  contemplated that there had to be a better way to capture an audience than just talking. What about fun movements with music, and still be able to get across my message about affiliate marketing.

I then decided to invest some time into learning videography with my phone. I enrolled in a iPhone videography course, I started taking videos and also learning and practicing video taking with my phone. Who knew there was so much to learn!

Here are a few videos that I have created.

Here is one video.

Here is another video.

Now the first video has nothing to with Affiliate marketing but I had fun creating it. I really think that not all my posts will be about affiliate marketing . We must also post stories about ourselves. We want our audience to get to know us, like and trust us. And that may require personal videos as well as videos about our business.

I absolutely love to take photos and videos. (Although my videos have been very basic) I am the photographer in the family. Whenever there is a get together I am the one who brings out my camera, take several photos, and even make sure we have at least one photo of everyone in the same picture. I love to document moments. I thought I knew my phone well. Boy was I wrong. When I take a photo or a video I never really considered the different settings on my phone. I am learning how to take dramatic portraits and how to take cool videos.

I am using CapCut which is an app to edit my photos and videos. This cool app allows you to connect multiple videos together to create a story and add music, text and auto captions. There is a free version, as well as a paid version with more options. I recommend you check it out.

I am committed to master the basics of iPhone videography. I am learning how manipulate the camera interface, experiment with static and motion shots, and I have learned a little about advanced camera movements. There is this thing called “Rule of Thirds”.  Divide the screen in thirds  vertically and horizontally. Then activate the grid on your phone.  then in video mode you can see the grid to help guide and balance the composition. Then there is dynamic angles in videos. Again, So Much To Learn but I am up for the challenge.

Next up I will dive into learning balance and angles. not just capturing the movement but how we frame it and present it to our audience.

I am so excited with what I am learning.

I intend to make many videos with my Affiliate Marketing Business so I better get good at them if I want to capture an audience. I plan to create fun, edgy videos as well as videos of myself.


My goal is to post exciting and capturing videos as well as videos of myself explaining and sharing my affiliate marketing business. I will be using YouTube as my primary platform.

There is only one way to get good at something, and that is to “Just Do It” and continue to practice, practice, practice.

Please visit my previous post here if you missed it.

What are you working on this week? Have you decided on your primary platform? What type of videos are you creating? Are you currently creating fun and edgy videos or are you creating selfie videos? Please leave me a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

Till next time,



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11 thoughts on “YouTube and Videos”
  1. I’ve chosen You Tube as my main strategy. I guess mostly I give talks that are slightly controversial and some viewers may be outright irked by what I say. This is a strategy to get them to stop and check me out. I’ll also be doing you tube shows on my channel. There’s a whole strategy to doing that. Both strategies are meant to build my the you tube channel. The solar eclipse is a big topic. I love talking about the solar eclipse.

    Another strategy is putting thumbnails on to the video. That helps create conversion. A good banner and subscription buttons on every video is also important. It is complex, sometimes.
    Do you have a trailer video on your page?

    All videos should be 10 minutes or longer- like one hour is most desired. You tube has become a place where people go to learn.

    1 minute videos (shorts) is what I first started to do after joining this group. It got me warmed up for getting comfortable, and posting everyday- also important!

      1. Hi Sherri
        Thank you for your post! I have been taking notes from everyone that is posting about social media. I haven’t started posting videos myself yet. I’m still getting things more clear in my head with my business before moving forward with social media. Your post I will have to pin with some others, so I will have them on hand when my time comes. Thank you so much! Take care.

  2. Sherri, I’m amazed by your dedication and enthusiasm for learning about traffic acquisition and videography! Your journey with Affiliate Marketing, guided by Dean, sounds like a game-changer. It’s inspiring to see how you’re embracing social media and video content creation to capture your audience’s attention. Your willingness to learn and experiment with different platforms and techniques is commendable. I appreciate your honesty about the learning process and your commitment to mastering iPhone videography. Using CapCut to edit your videos sounds like a great choice, and I’ll definitely check it out. Your determination to improve and create engaging videos for your Affiliate Marketing business is truly admirable. Keep up the fantastic work, Sherri! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your captivating content on YouTube. Best of luck with your continued learning and growth journey! Thanks, Atif

  3. Hi, Sherri!
    You’re having so much fun with your videos!
    I find that very encouraging because I think you were a bit nervous about doing them before you got started.
    I’m going to try my own hand and focus on having fun with it.
    You are an inspiration!

    1. Nakina,
      Thank you for your comment. I was certainly nervous when I started, and truth be told I am still nervous every time I create a video. Does this feeling ever go away. That is yet to be seen. I do know that I am having fun.

  4. Hi Sherri,
    Great information and so so helpful for me!
    Looking to go towards Tik Tok with short videos to increase my subscriber base.
    Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to view future videos!

  5. Interesting post… back in around 2021 I was a guest on a TV show, talking about technology trends… I confidently predicted that camera phones would not catch on as the quality of the image was so poor storage capacity so low! How wrong could I get!!! Nowadays you can do so much with a camera phone, I look forward to seeing more of your oscar winning shows!

    PS, the squisher!!!!

  6. Your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and delve into iPhone videography speaks to your commitment to mastering new skills.

    Personal anecdotes and glimpses into your life help builds stronger connections with your audience, fostering trust and loyalty over time.

    Your exploration of tools like CapCut for editing and techniques such as the “Rule of Thirds” will help refine your craft and attention to detail in composition and presentation will elevate the quality of your videos and encourage viewer engagement.

    As you continue on this journey, I do not doubt that your dedication to “Just Do It” and your relentless pursuit of improvement will yield impressive results. Your enthusiasm for learning and growth is contagious, and I look forward to witnessing your progress.

    In response to your questions, I’m currently focusing on refining my content strategy and expanding my presence on TikTok & YouTube and am inspired by your experiences.

  7. This is such valuable information! I am also the photographer in my family bit I must admit, I have not taken training like you. I intend to after I saw your videos – wow! And the music you chose in these draws one into the message. I intend to check out CapCut today to see the options. Excellent post!

  8. Hi Sherri,
    I enjoyed reading your post! Generating traffic is also what I’m trying to figure out or get good at. I seem to spend more time on my Facebook page but have got around to filming several TikTok videos. I think I need to step up my video recording and create more content. Thanks for sharing all your insight. All the best in traffic generating!

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